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Sheets of Cheap Carbon Nanotubes Now a Reality
Written by Daniel   
Monday, 03 March 2008 12:22

 Company makes 3x6 ft carbon nanotube sheets, 100 sq. ft. sheets by the end of the summer; possible uses include consumer electronics, aircraft, and spacecraft
Jason Mick (Blog) - March 3, 2008 12:33 PM

Carbon nanotubes are like a materials scientists' dream come true -- superior heat and electrical conduction, high strength to weight ratio, and flame resistance orders of magnitude higher than many commonly used materials.

However, in the past, while these tiny tube-molecules composed carbon atoms were raved about by researchers, plans for practical applications remained largely in the realm of fantasy. The chief problem was the "nano" part of the nanotubes -- these tiny tubes would need to be scaled to visible-sized pieces of material in order to be utilized in many practical devices. Such scaling had enjoyed little previous success, and was seen as a major roadblock to putting the ubiquitous nanotubes to work.

Now a breakthrough from Nanocomp Technologies, a New Hampshire startup, promises to provide sheets composed of carbon nanotubes on an unprecedented scale. Using nanotubes measuring in the tens of nanometers, Nanocomp produces sheets of carbon nanotubes measuring 3 by 6 feet. Better yet, by the end of the summer the company is promising slabs of 100 square feet or more.    [Dailytech...]   [Comments...]
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