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Razorfish brings us some disturbing news printed in the Custom PC magazine
Written by Daniel   
Sunday, 13 June 2004 00:00
Custom PC (July 2004) Direct quote

Not content with just locking its multipliers, the Intel empire has apparently taken another step to stamp out overclocking by locking Alderwoods FSB above 12% of its specified speed! A leading motherboard manufacturer confirmed the limit to Custom PC, although the company, which wished to remain anonymous, insisted its was for practical reasons (yeah right) According to the company the new 16bit PCI Express will hang if FSB is taken beyond 12%, "while most new VGA cards cant tolerate such a high bus speeds" Some have speculated that the limit might also be related to Intel's overclocking detection circuits, which was patented in march 2003 (see patent number 6,535,988 at
U.S. Patent Office although Intel denied the link as rumor and speculation.

Gizmo has looked into this a bit for us:

"Pretty much all the references I can find in a Goggle search all end up back at the VR-Zone quote:"

(Reprint from the Virtual Zone:)

Alderwood Supports DDR2-667

Sources at IDF Taipei today revealed that the successor to 875P chipset, the 925X Alderwood not only can support DDR2-533 but a higher memory specification of DDR2-667 as well. Also Intel will not have a name for the Performance Acceleration Technology (PAT) on the Alderwood board as it is enabled by default and it cannot be turned on in any case by the Grantsdale chipsets. Alderwood will offer a 3-5% performance boost over the Grantsdale chipsets through this special bypass. One interesting thing we have learned is that Alderwood will have some limitations in overclocking. The clock speed or FSB will be locked down when it exceeds 12% increase over its default speed and the method is by tracking down the source clock. The board manufacturers are looking at ways to overcome this limitation by keeping the source clock at default and overclock through the reference clock.

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