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Lost: Via Domus
Written by Danrok   
Friday, 07 March 2008 10:57

From Bit-Tech:

I have an odd love/hate relationship with Lost and my viewing habits for the show have shifted dramatically over the years. When the series first debuted I was instantly hooked and the series played heavily to my love of all things survivalist and mystical.

It was a perfect blend of Ray Mears and Stephen King, and I lapped it up like the lamentably lazy couch potato I am.

When the second series came round I was hooked into the mysteries of the island and desperate to know what was happening I watched every episode at least three times, harvesting story cross-overs and analysing each scene for mention of the ubiquitous numbers. This dedication lasted until the third series, by which time I was lagged out and ready to abandon Lost in favour of House. Now the fourth series is airing I’ve decided to only watch it when the series is over, avoiding the long painful wait between episodes.

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