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Capcom Digital Day Delivers Downloadable Delights
Written by Danrok   
Friday, 14 March 2008 12:41

From Wired:

SAN MATEO, California -- Kicking off the Digital Day press event this week, Capcom's Chris Kramer said that 2008 will be "the biggest single year in company history."

That remains to be seen, but if its slate of spring and summer games is the yardstick, it's gotten off to a good start.

Over the next few months, Capcom's "digital initiative," announced at last year's press briefing, will finally be in full swing. Capcom is using digital distribution to revive several of its lapsed franchises, like 1942 and Commando. The inexpensive nature of downloadable games, and the fact that Xbox Live Arcade gameplay typically hews close to classic arcade style, means that the company can take a chance and continue some classic game series without having to radically redesign the core concepts.

While most other publishers are launching their downloadable games on single platforms, Capcom will launch all of its content simultaneously across both Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network, and even PC in some cases. Each of the games will be $10, except SSFII which does not yet have a price. Here's what's on the calendar...

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