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PC2-8500 Memory Roundup
Written by Gizmo   
Thursday, 20 March 2008 10:03
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PC-8500 memory
(Image from Icrontic)

Icrontic put these modules to the test:

Although 800MHz, DDR2-6400 modules have become incredibly cheap, there is a growing number of consumers who want to take advantage of native 1066MHz DDR2 support offered by the latest Intel and AMD platforms. In the past, overclocking the system bus was necessary to acheive this frequency--not any more. This makes PC2-8500 a more viable and attractive choice for every day consumers.

Read the full review:

The idea for this roundup actually spawned by the smile on my face from the mere $80 I paid for a Crucial Ballistix PC2-8500 kit a few months ago. I decided to start looking to manufacturers to find affordable PC2-8500 kits. Kingston, Corsair and OCZ provided us with a few kits to put to the test. Ten gigabytes in total will be put through their paces in the Icrontic lab.

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