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The RIAA is like the mafia
Written by Danrok   
Friday, 21 March 2008 05:50

From the Inqurier: 

A COMMENTATOR at Dow Jones MarketWatch yesterday concurred with what we've been suggesting for a while - that the RIAA is behaving like the mafia.

Theresa Poletti's March 20 column begins: "As any fan of The Sopranos knows, the mob often takes out its enemies in a gruesome fashion as a way to warn others to fall in line. The same can be said of the campaign over the past four years instigated by the dreaded Recording Industry Association of America...."

She relates the RIAA's practice of sending college students extortionate letters demanding payments of thousands of dollars and threatening federal lawsuits. She writes:

"I don't condone [copyright infringement], but the RIAA's tactics are nearly as bad as the actions of mobsters, real or fictional. The analogy comes up easily and frequently in any discussion of the RIAA's maneuvers."

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