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Retailers offering credits/refunds to early HD DVD adopters
Written by Danrok   
Saturday, 22 March 2008 12:56

From ArsTechnica:

As the smoke clears from the former battlefield of the HD format war, multiple retailers are reaching out to customers who ended up on the losing side. The particulars and restrictions of the various rebate/refund offers vary, but all of them are aimed at helping customers who recently bought HD DVD players make the jump to Blu-ray. 

Best Buy is the latest company to offer customers a consolation prize, and the retailer's offer is fairly generous. Any customer who bought an HD DVD player from Best Buy at or before 11:59 PM CST on February 22, 2008 is eligible to receive one $50 gift card per player purchased. Eligible models include the Toshiba HD-A1, A2, A20, XA2, A3, A30, and A35, as well as the XBox 360 HD DVD add-on drive. Dual-format players and computers equipped with HD DVD drives do not qualify. Unlike other stores, Best Buy is not asking customers to return the HD DVD player; if you qualify for the gift card program, Best Buy is essentially paying you $50.

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