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AMD X3 8000-Series Processors Launch
Written by Danrok   
Friday, 28 March 2008 14:53

From bit-tech:

AMDIts current line-up of quad-core Phenom processors hasn't exactly endeared AMD to those hoping for a compelling alternative to an Intel CPU. There is, however, a potential sweet spot available in between the current two and four core processors which Intel isn't tapping. Roll on the Phenom X3 range; tri-core processors set to offer an upgrade option to those using single or dual-core chips, but not quite prepared to swallow the cost of a quad-core model.

Two processors are to be available under the X3 nomenclature - the 2.1GHz Phenom X3 8400 and the 2.3GHz Phenom X3 8600. Initially these are being sent to OEMs, so expect Dell, Alienware and the like to have systems soon. Retail availability isn't specifically stated.

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