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Nvidia mounts sleaze attack on Intel
Written by Daniel   
Tuesday, 15 April 2008 13:44
Gutterwatch Disinformation campaign outed

By Charlie Demerjian: Tuesday, 15 April 2008, 4:41 PM
The Inquirer

NVIDIA HAS PUT OUT quite possibly the perfect model for sleazy, disingenuous presentations. It is simply so bad that the firm won't put its name on it.

The presentation, labeled "Intel Graphics.pdf", is the sneakiest below-the-belt presentation from a company known for ethically borderline messaging on the best of days. When it won't sign its name to it, you know it's bad.

When asked about the presentation, Nvidia responded with the following statement. "We distributed this to our sales force as a sales tool for them to share with customers. It is a collection of press clippings from the industry on the increasing inadequacies of Intel graphics in a world that demands more and more visual processing. It was intended as an internal sales tool, not for public consumption."

Sounds good so far, but there are several inescapable problems with that logic. The first is that the entire 44-page PDF has the word Nvidia in it twice, both from the same Businessweek clipping on two separate pages. None of its products is mentioned, not even once, and the backgrounds are flat black, without the usual Nvidia logos or themed backgrounds.  [The Inquirer..]  [Comments...]

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