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Asus Rampage Formula Reviewed
Written by Danrok   
Thursday, 17 April 2008 10:19

From TrustedReviews:

It's been six months since I reviewed the Asus Maximus Formula Extreme. The Extreme was one of three related Asus X38 motherboards with the water cooled Extreme at the top of the tree, the Fusion block SE in the middle and the basic Maximus Formula at the bottom of the scale.

Today we've got an X48 chipped Rampage Formula to review and it's the spitting image of the Maximus Formula. That makes sense as the difference between the X38 and X48 chipsets is non-existent apart from the addition of official support for a 1,600MHz front side bus and faster system memory. The surprise is that Asus still lists the X38 Maximus on its Republic Of Gamers website, as we fully expect the Maximus range to be phased out as the Rampage line supercedes it.

The Rampage Formula supports Intel's Penryn processors with the full range of front side bus speeds and just like the Maximus Formula it uses DDR2 memory rather than Intel's preferred DDR3. We understand there will be a Rampage Extreme model that uses DDR3, which is something that would have set the alarm bells ringing a couple of months ago as the DDR3 premium was enormous. At present 2GB of DDR3 costs just over £100 compared to £50 for 2GB of fast DDR2 so the gap is closing, and fast.

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