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Ballmer raises hopes with comments on XP end-of-life
Written by Danrok   
Thursday, 24 April 2008 11:13

From ArsTechnica:

In January 2006, Microsoft extended XP Home support. In January 2007, Microsoft extended it once again. Earlier this month, Microsoft extended support for XP Home for budget laptops, and Windows XP's "Extended Support" will end April 8, 2014. Nevertheless, Microsoft still plans to stop selling XP to most manufacturers and system builders on June 30, 2008. As that date approaches, Vista-haters are yelling louder and louder about how terribly unhappy they are about XP's drop-dead date.

Now, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has given them what they want to hear; or so they think. According to Reuters, Ballmer said today that "XP will hit an end-of-life. We have announced one. If customer feedback varies we can always wake up smarter but right now we have a plan for end-of-life for new XP shipments." Ballmer also emphasized that retailers were choosing to offer Vista over XP and that most consumers were choosing Vista over XP. The fact of the matter is that XP is harder and harder to find, and those who do want it are beginning to give in and choose Vista.

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