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GTA IV - not for everyone
Written by Danrok   
Monday, 28 April 2008 11:15

From the Inquirer:

AMIDST ALL THE hand-wringing from terribly-concerned pressure groups about the imminent launch of GTA IV, a simple question seems to have completely failed to be asked. [He gets there eventually but you have to be patient - Sub ed].

People who have probably never even played solitaire are suddenly being quoted as expert witnesses on the perils of gaming and the threat it poses to society. Our children's innocence is at stake; gratuitous sex and violence are cutting a simulated swathe through civilisation; hookers are having their limbs hacked off with chainsaws; and expensive cars are being driven at improbable speeds, scattering hapless pedestrians as they go.

Stores such as Currys are introducing new family-friendly rating systems for games in a cynical bid to encourage responsible parents to shop there rather than at its rivals' emporia.

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