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The Phantom-Necro Busted by AOA Staff
Written by AOA Crime Squad   
Tuesday, 17 May 2005 15:06


The phantom necro

Áedán posted:

As, some may have noticed, the phantom necro hit AOA earlier...

I found a few others who have been hit too, like OC
and Winamp

At least they're not singling us out...

Danrok posted:
Odd that he/she quoted Daniel at OC.

Cloasters posted:

Oops, now I get it. Nevermind, please.

Daniel ~ posted:

What? Like I'm unworthy of quoting?! LOL

Danrok posted: LOL! Just an odd coincidence!
Áedán posted:

I see that OC locked the thread and then deleted the posts.

Daniel ~ posted:

That's sad...LOL!

Dod posted: 

There ya go :D

Couldn't help laughing at the quote on OC to be honest, my suspicious bit keeps asking was it intentional.......??

Áedán posted:

I think I know who it is, but I'm not entirely sure. If it is who I think it is, they have no connection to AOA, OC, Winamp or TiVo. They have set up an interesting little site:

Danrok posted:

Good find! I think we have found our Phantom!

Danrok posted:

He has struck again at Spode's, Kaitain is his victim this time:

Danrok posted:

Spode's have deleted the entire thread! LOL

Áedán posted: Looks like the Phantom Necro has moved blogs already (see the post on the old blog!). Guess Google's blogging wasn't good enough for 'em. New address is


Daniel posted: OK. So like. This guys thing is to "secretly" register into a forum, and THEN when no one's looking, (Hell no one even suspects he might be there!) He posts in an antiquated thread there by spreading terror through out the online community? The horror...
Daniel posted: Anyone else want to put this whole thread on front page? ":O}
Danrok posted: This is a dangerous man who must be stopped before someone gets hurt!


Click here to find the Phantom-Necro at AOA.

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