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GTA IV - Freezes and lock-ups
Written by Danrok   
Saturday, 03 May 2008 07:18

Who's robbing who here? 

It would appear that many GTA IV gamers are blighted with random freezing and game loading faliures, myself included.  I had been happily playing this latest installment of Grand Theft Auto for many hours without problems.

However, when I tried to play again today things soon went pear-shaped.  The first sign of trouble was that the game started loading an earlier saved position, one which I had already completed, rather than my most recent saved progress.  But, it failed to load that or any other saved positions, forcing me to restarted my PS3 console. 

I decided to delete all saved postions, so that the game would start from the very begining, which it did, only to lock-up after a few minutes of play.

Something is clearly very wrong, I've not had problems like this with any other PS3 games.

A quick browse of various forums soon reveals that there's an angry mob gathering with assorted freezing and lock-up issues.  I'm getting the impression that these problems may be caused by Rock Star trying to be clever with seemless game play,  and failing.  There are no waits for levels to load in GTA IV, the various areas of the game maps load-up on the fly, no "please wait" messages as you drive around Liberty City.

The chances are that their developers have screwed-up this seemless game play, and the console's cache/memory is being overloaded.

So, if you're having problems, and don't want to wait for a game patch, you  might want to try freeing-up some system resources by logging out of PSN and disconnecting the console from your network.

Both PS3 and Xbox 360 owners have been reporting problems, although there does seem to be more issues on the PS3 version.


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