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PC Power & Cooling CTO talks shop
Written by Danrok   
Saturday, 03 May 2008 18:18


It’s fair to say that PC Power & Cooling is one of the industry's premier PSU manufacturers, however that's not to say the rest of the industry hasn't upped its game in recent years.

With the company’s acquisition by OCZ Technology last year, and the increasing number of competent power supply manufacturers establishing themselves in the industry, we felt it was a good time to find out what’s happening inside PC Power. We talked to Doug Dobson, Chief Technology Officer at PC Power & Cooling, to discuss his views on the industry and find out how the company has changed following the acquisition.

bit-tech: How is PC Power & Cooling doing in the European market? I've heard the eastern Europeans and Russians prefer the red Silencers, but the Americans prefer the black ones?

Doug Dobson: The European response to the Silencer series has been excellent. Sales are increasing at an amazing rate, especially for the Silencer 750W Red.

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