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Companies Adopt "Just Say No" Policy On Vista, Wait For Windows 7
Written by Danrok   
Wednesday, 14 May 2008 10:58

ImageFrom Daily Tech:

GM becomes the latest big business customer to consider rejecting Vista

Microsoft, typically known for a self-confident business approach has been sending clearly mixed signals on the health of Windows Vista that are perhaps indicative of the problems the OS is experiencing. The situation, rather uncharacteristic for Microsoft, which has had a long string of successes, is best summed up in the words of its own executives.

While Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates recently described that Vista was moving units at a "rapid sales rate", Microsoft Chief Executive Officer Ballmer told executives in a recent meeting that Vista was a "work in progress". The Microsoft designers who made Vista's unpopular User Account Control (UAC) admitted that it was designed to "annoy" the standard user. Perhaps even more revealing, Ballmer, while praising adoption rates at MIX 08 admitted to problems with the OS stating, "we did make the choice to kind of hurt compatibility, and our customers have let us know that has been very painful."

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