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MediaDefender Launches DoS Attack on Legitimate TV Website
Written by Daniel   
Monday, 02 June 2008 11:04

 Attacks mistakenly targetted legitimate BitTorrent tracker
Tom Corelis (Blog) - May 31, 2008 8:56 AM

Jim Louderback, CEO of internet TV network Revision3, is considering legal action against anti-piracy firm MediaDefender after an internal investigation revealed it to be the source of a Memorial Day weekend Denial of Service attack against Revision3’s computer network.

“Interestingly enough, whoever was sending these SYN packets wasn’t shy. Far from it: it’s as if they wanted us to know who they were,” wrote Louderback in a blog post dated Thursday. “Instead of some shadowy underground criminal syndicate, the packets [came from] our home state of California. In fact, we traced the [attack] to a public company called ARTISTDirect. Once we were able to get their internet provider on the line, they verified that yes, indeed, that internet address belonged to [MediaDefender].”

Revision3 runs a private BitTorrent tracker that it uses to distribute shows produced in-house. MediaDefender may have been trying to exploit a security hole in its server, said Louderback, and when Revision3 administrators locked MediaDefender out, the company might have automatically launched a DoS attack in retaliation.

After speaking with MediaDefender Vice President of Operations Ben Grodsky, Louderback says that MediaDefender admitted to “abusing” Revision3’s servers, by “injecting a broad array of torrents” into the company’s BitTorrent tracker. [Dailytech...]   [Comments...]

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