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Survey: Even with $4 gas, telework not an option
Written by Daniel   
Wednesday, 11 June 2008 13:10

 Only 39 percent of survey respondents said they were able to telework at least part time, even though 92 percent believed their jobs could be done from home

By Grant Gross, IDG News Service
June 11, 2008

 Even as gas prices hit historic highs in the U.S., most residents can't telecommute, according to a new survey released by advocacy group Telework Exchange. Nearly all of the respondents in a recent survey by Telework Exchange expressed an interest in telecommuting and 92 percent said they believed their jobs could be done from home. But only 39 percent of the respondents, culled from 377 registrants of the Telework Exchange Web site , said they were able to telework at least part time.

"Telework Exchange registrants (both government and private-sector employees) do have a clear interest in telework," Cindy Auten, Telework Exchange's general manager, said in an e-mail. "We find that this is an accurate sample of the full population."

Even with people in much of the U.S. paying $4 a gallon or more for gas, telecommuting seems to be facing an uphill battle. Telework Exchange has pushed for more telework options for U.S. government workers, but a survey released in March by CDW-G found only 17 percent of federal employees telecommuting.

Surveys have shown that management resistance to telework remains a barrier, Auten said. "What we found was that as managers become exposed to/involved in telework, their approval of the operating practice improves significantly," she added. "Encouraging managers to telework is a critical step to achieving overall agency telework adoption. Further, agencies must educate and train management on telework drivers and benefits."   [InfoWorld...]   [Comments...]

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