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G.Skill 64GB SATAII SSD Review
Written by Danrok   
Friday, 27 June 2008 10:52

From Hardware Canucks:

If there is one area of computers which has lagged behind all the others it has to be the realm of storage devices. The very first hard drive was released way back in 1956 by IBM and since then not much has changed. Yes, the size has increased incrementally and so has the speed; but when compared to the rest of the computer sub components, hard drive technology has not changed all that much. Even the fastest 15000rpm SCSI hard drive on the market today still measures its speed in MB/s and random access time in milliseconds, just like they always have. Heck, if CPU’s advanced at the same glacial pace as the hard drive we would all be using 286’s and hoping the rumors of 386’s in 3 years time would be true.

When you get right down to it, a hard drive is a hard drive. You have little mechanical heads which read and write 0s and 1s unto pieces of iron impregnated unto a spinning platter. While the speed and size of the platters has changed this is about all which has. We don’t have 3 million rpm hard drives with 100GB/s burst rates and we never will. This is because the technology (no matter how refined it is) is by nature very limited and history will probably judge it as a dead end which shouldn’t have gone as far as it did.

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