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Dell Axim X51v
Written by Gizmo   
Monday, 07 July 2008 22:27
Dell Axiom X51v
(Image from Monster Hardware)

Monster Hardware take a look at this Pocket PC:

I have always had a thing for Pocket PC. Positioned as it is somewhere between a Nintendo DS and a laptop there is a lot here to like. Long time MHW readers may recall our first Pocket PC review of a Dell Axim X5 a number of years back which is still one of the most read reviews on the site so obviously I am not alone in my affections. The refurbished Dell Axim X51v (graciously provided us by Geeks) which we are looking at today--with its Intel XScale PXA270 "Bulverde" 624 MHZ CPU, 3.7" 480 x 640 VGA LCD, and its 16 MB Intel 2700G 3D graphics accelerator--is on paper perhaps the current pinnacle of Pocket PC development.

Read the full review at Monster Hardware:

While slightly smaller and lighter than the earlier X5 the layout of the X51v is quite similar. The D-pad and surrounding application buttons, though smaller, are still on the bottom while most of the other controls such as WiFi, and voice recorder are still on the left. One major area in which the X51v layout differs from the X5 is that the SD card slot has been moved to the top of the unit with the CF card slot. No longer is the SD card slot under your thumb and constantly in your way.

As mentioned earlier the Dell Axim X51v is refurbished. That means that inside the standard OEM white stickered cardboard box you will find a stylus pen, battery cover, USB Sync cable, power adapter, and new battery, but you will not find an owner's manual or the Dell companion CD. These are not insurmountable obstacles, since the manual is available from Dell in .PDF format. You do, however, miss out on the Dell companion CD, which as far as I know is not available for download from Dell and contains some extra bonus Pocket PC software.

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