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Cooler Master Real Power Pro 550W Power Supply
Written by Gizmo   
Tuesday, 08 July 2008 21:26
Cooler Master Real Power Pro 550
(Image from Techware Labs)

Check out this unit with Techware Labs:

Matt takes a look at the Real Power Pro 550W power supply by Cooler Master. At 550w this is an entry level PSU and sufficient as a replacement for many mid level systems. Read our review to find out how stable the Real Power 550 is and if we can recommend this power supply.


Read the full review at TWL:

With the power supply being the power sub station of your rig, most PC users have a misunderstanding of the criticality of its capabilities to perform. PC users who have upgraded their PCs many times over through out the last couple of years and are still using a power supply which is a few years old are more than likely under powering their rig and are running on borrowed time. Several friends of this reviewer have had their power supply fail and when it did it took out motherboards, a CPU and even a hard drive. If you’re a PC gamer who upgrades their PC every two years and decided to save a few dollars by not replacing the power supply with a newer one or even a more powerful one, you may be gambling with time, and loss of performance.


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