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True 3D Display
Written by Aidan   
Friday, 03 June 2005 03:42

Actuality Systems have released their Perspecta Spatial 3D display system, which is a true 3D display. Looking a bit like a 20" (51cm) goldfish bowl on top of it's base, it displays 360 degree full color images in a 10" (25cm) sphere internally.

The technology is based on a rotating screen inside the bowl. The screen internally can display images that are 768x768 pixels, and displays 198 'slices' as the screen rotates. That's 116.8 million pixels of 3D display! Not only that, but the device uses the industry standard OpenGL API, so existing programs can display true 3D images. Unfortunately, it's not much good for playing games, as it's fairly slow at rendering all those pixels - taking some 12.5 seconds to build up a complete image. It also needs some 450W of power!


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