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Market prediction?
Written by Cadaveca   
Friday, 10 June 2005 11:37

    That little birdie has been singing in my ear, to the tune of 50-60 million DDR2 667mhz chips are about to hit the market, leftover stock from contract production runs that has been stockpiling. As well, DDR1 contract prices are about to level out again, as actual DDR2 contract sales are few and far between.

AMD recently annouced the move to DDR2 in 2007, with the new sockets, as the change thier pinout to accomodate more bandwidth between the cpu and chipset, as well as memory bandwidth. This has also prompted a lower pincount on the X2 subtrate, and some of those working on the project are skeptical about yeilds at this point, but word is that they are moving to 65nm with DDR2. Power requirements should be low with the reduced pinout...and hopefully much better than intel's DDR2 solutions, both in power usage and temps.

On the graphics front, nVidia is NDA briefing on the GeForce7800GTX, which means the cards should be hitting the retail market late august early september, and that reviews should be here by the end of july. nVidia also annouced that they would offer similar rendering modes as ATI's crossfire, with oversampling anti-aliasing. The nvidia solution proclaims to offer 16xAA, although how they get that end product does not mean that there are 16 actual AA passes , but rather 4x SSAA and 4xMSAA, which only equal 16x aa because of the extra samples produced by the MSAA for the SSAA. News was out about it yesterday, but the NDA signing seems to have pulled the info off of the net. Rivatuner, of course, can enable this functionality , but i hear the the 6800 series does not play well with it. maybe it will be fixed in the july release.

ATI naysayers are concerned about yeild of the codenamed "r520", citing that a full 32pipe slice of silicon is rare in the current fabbing spin. For those of you who do not know what a spin is, it's really only the placement of the GPU in the individual silicon substrate...either moving the architechture around, as like what happened to the r350 when it became the r360, or just simply changing the way the processors are aligned on the silicon core itself during fabbing. although i can usually confirm or deny such rumours, this one seems to have no end to the depth, and noone wants to say anything. Either ATI is upping the NDA agreement, or there are no troubles whatsoever. I guess we will just have to wait for a certain female to offer some new news on that subject. NDA's have been signed on this chip as well.

Not much else is going on the the market this week, but i hear of big talks happening over the weekend, and a major deal in the works. Hopefully next week will shed more light on the subject!

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