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ASUS Rampage Extreme
Written by Gizmo   
Sunday, 03 August 2008 21:42
Asus Rampage Extreme
Image from Legion Hardware

Legion Hardware give this board a look:

Today we are taking a look at a seriously extreme motherboard from ASUS featuring the latest and greatest Intel X48 chipset. Codenamed 'Bearlake' this chipset is the successor of the popular Intel X38 chipset. However it was not so much the chipset that impressed us, but rather the amount of unique features that ASUS has managed to squeeze onto this motherboard...

Read the full review at Legion Hardware:

Gamers looking for the ultimate motherboard will have no doubt checked out all the high-end products on offer from companies such as ASUS, Abit, MSI, Gigabyte, Foxconn, and the list goes on. However there is one company that has dedicated an entire product line-up to developing the latest and greatest motherboards aimed at gamers. That company is of course ASUS, with their elite “Republic of Gamers” family which has been around for a few years now.

Each time we check out a new Republic of Gamers (ROG) product it seems that they are more advanced in just about every way possible, and today’s review item is certainly no exception. The ASUS Rampage Extreme is the latest and greatest member of the ROG family, and I am going to go out on a limb here and say that it is probably the best Intel motherboard money can buy! Featuring the latest and greatest Intel chipset, the Rampage Extreme is far more impressive than any X48 board that we have seen to date.

As it stands the X48 is going to remain the latest and greatest chipset from Intel until the Bloomfield variant of the Nehalem processors come in later this year, bringing the new X58 chipset (Codenamed 'Tylersburg') along with them. However this new platform will use the LGA1366 socket, so the X48 should remain the flagship part for the long lived LGA775 socket. So getting back to the here and now, those wanting the very best chipset to work with their new Core 2 processor have the X48.

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