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Web 2.0, DNS flaws revealed at Black Hat
Written by Daniel   
Thursday, 07 August 2008 11:50

 The DNS vulnerability scope proves to be huge, but an even bigger issue may be posed by the emerging Web apps

By Andrew Brandt
August 07, 2008

 The size and scope of security problems are growing to be so large that security experts are having more difficulty than ever protecting end users from emerging threats. That was evident in the Black Hat Briefings security conference that opened Wednesday. Case in point: IOActive researcher Dan Kaminsky detailed for the first time the specific nature of the DNS flaw reported recently and its overarching scope, providing example after example of how various Internet technologies that rely on the accuracy of the DNS information they received could be compromised. Kaminsky warned the audience that the DNS vulnerability could let entire countries and entire top-level domains be hijacked.   [Comments,,,]

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