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Samsung, Microsoft Work Together to Improve SSD Performance in Vista
Written by Danrok   
Friday, 08 August 2008 11:18

From Daily Tech:

SanDisk gets some help in its efforts to improve "poor performance" in Vista with SSDs

Last month, SanDisk took a lot of flak when its CEO complained that its poor solid state drive (SSD) performance was attributed to poor support in Microsoft's Windows Vista operating system. The comments came as a shock to many considering that SanDisk last year proclaimed that its SSDs were "suited to a variety of Microsoft Windows Vista applications" and that the "Windows Vista operating system will run optimally when installed on the SanDisk SSD".

Despite these claims, many brushed aside SanDisk's comments since numerous other manufacturers have introduced thoroughly modern SSDs with significantly higher reads/writes than SanDisk's offerings. SanDisk's competitors also offer excellent performance in Windows Vista.

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