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U.K. Says iPhone Ads Are Too Misleading for TV
Written by Danrok   
Wednesday, 27 August 2008 11:29

Microsoft, Verizon, and other Apple critics have found a supporter in the British government

Apple has been a pain in the side of carriers such as Verizon and others vested in the cell phone industry, such as rival Microsoft. They have attacked the iPhone, but have been unable to dent its strong sales. Now the iPhone's detractors may have found some relief in the form of an unlikely ally -- the British government.

The U.K. has banned the current set of iPhone ads from appearing on TV in the country. It says its Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), the government entity in charge of regulating television, received two complaints that Apple's claims in the ads that its phone could access all of the internet were misleading due to its lack of Java or Flash support, essential to accessing much of the internet.

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