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Written by Cadaveca   
Tuesday, 14 June 2005 09:08
 According to Tom's Hardware, Foxxcon has taken the position that they will compete with ASUS, undoubtably the OEM shipping the most products in the global market today. One of thier entries, featured at Computex 2005, brings professional server bandwidth in an ATX package:
One very interesting motherboard is the NFPIK8AA-8EKRS, and by "interesting" we are not referring to the cumbersome product name. This is a single Opteron motherboard based on the nForce4 Professional chipset, running two real x16 PCI Express slots. It should be available within just a few weeks, and targets the workstation market.

The board features everything a regular server would, SKT940, two chipsets, dual gigabit ethernet connections, two IDE ports, and 8 SATA, featuring RAID 0, 1,and 0+1. Of course, the board features nVidia's SLI as well

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