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Google Goes Its Own Way
Written by Daniel   
Friday, 05 September 2008 12:08
Google Goes Its Own Way

SEPTEMBER 4, 2008 | 4:00 PM -- There’s a fundamental rule in cryptography: You shouldn’t invent your own. The chances of your getting it wrong are far greater than your getting it right. There are so many different things to know and so many nuances that it’s almost impossible to get right the first try. We’ll come back to this. 

As you may have heard, Google has launched a new browser that they confusingly named “Chrome.” Well, it’s confusing for any of us who have worked in the browser world since “chrome” is what you call the visual aspects of the browser. But that confusion aside, Google is touting their new browser as a new way to do secure browsing. (See Experts Question Security of Google's Chrome Browser.) 

Google’s idea of secure browsing is sandboxed tabs, anti-phishing, and a few other less important doodads. While both are nice, this does not a secure browser make. You’re probably saying, well, no one has even started looking at Google’s browser for vulnerabilities. Au contraire! Not only have people started looking, but there are already several exploits for it .  [DarkReading...]   [Comments...]

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