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Microsoft to give away upgraded Hyper-V software
Written by Daniel   
Monday, 08 September 2008 12:11

Microsoft has been scrambling to create a full package of virtualization tools and technology to compete with companies such as VMware 

By Jeremy Kirk, InfoWorld
September 08, 2008

 Microsoft is set to release over the next 30 days an upgraded version of its Hyper-V technology for free, upping the game in the virtualization sector as it chases VMware. 

Hyper-V, released in June, is included in most versions of Windows Server 2008. But the company has been charging $28 for a stand-alone version that could be downloaded from Microsoft's Web site. The new version of Hyper-V will also have a Live Migration feature that lets administrators move applications as they're running to other servers. The latest Hyper-V will be offered as a download on Microsoft's Web site.  [Comments...]


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