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9/11 Research May Yield Super Steel for Fusion
Written by Daniel   
Thursday, 11 September 2008 11:32

One of America's greatest disasters could yield insight that helps power the future
Jason Mick (Blog) - September 11, 2008 9:21 AM

It was one of America's darkest hours -- a terrorist attack struck on American soil, killing 2,974 people. It was a tragedy felt worldwide, as 90 countries were represented among those who died.

The most devastating part of the attack in terms of damage was not the impact of the airplanes themselves, but the fires they caused. The fires burned in the middle stories of the buildings at temperatures of around 500C (932F). They weakened the steel supports, which eventually collapsed, taking the rest of the building with them, killing many in the top floors. Part of the mystery was how this occurred -- steel's melting point is much higher.   [Comments...]


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