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Details of Clickjacking Attack Revealed With Online Spying Demo
Written by Daniel   
Wednesday, 08 October 2008 12:42
 Adobe releases Flash Player workaround to defend against clickjacking attack

OCTOBER 7, 2008 | A researcher has “hacked” the mysterious clickjacking attack and today posted a demonstration in his blog on how the Web-borne attack works.

Details of the dangerous clickjacking attack have been closely held by the two researchers who discovered it -- Jeremiah Grossman and Robert “RSnake” Hansen -- at the request of Adobe, which wanted more time to patch its software from the attack, although the attack has to do with the way browsers and the Web work. But a researcher with a blog called “GuyA.Net”spilled the beans today with a proof-of-concept that controls a user’s Webcam and microphone once the user clicks on hidden malware on the Web page. [DarkReading...]  [Comments...]

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