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nVidia 80.40 Drivers
Written by Dsio   
Friday, 01 July 2005 13:11

This is the absolute newest driver set from Nvidia and is the first of the ForceWare 80 series. These drivers are in their stock form and are completely unmodded. have begun experimenting with these sets, and are using some brand new performance tweaks on them, that really make a difference, so keep your eyes peeled. Until then, these are pretty fine drivers.

So far no video corruption can be seen, and image quality is very good, and has a kind of a natural feel to it rather than the clinical feel that the 77 series had. Very nice really.

As listed on

This is the first of the Nvidia 80 series drivers. These drivers are the first to implement optimisation for dual core CPUs, and also the first to improve cross card compatibility in SLI. This means that you can mix brands of video cards in an SLI configuration, as long as they are both still technically identical. This is a very good set, much better that the 77.72 official release, and does not have the video corruption issues that plagued the 77 series. These drivers offer the best performance to date on 6 and 7 series Geforce cards, and benchmark particularly well in Aquamark, while performing very strongly in games, particularly those using Shader Model 3.0. Highly Recommended.

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