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Fable II Review
Written by Danrok   
Sunday, 26 October 2008 12:41

From Trusted Reviews:

When Lionhead's Peter Molyneux was promoting the original Fable, he often described the aim of the game as to make you feel like a hero. He didn't mean by this that you would feel like someone else's idea of a hero, but like your own idea. You would create the character and forge his destiny. You would decide whether to be good or evil, and your choices would change the world for better or worse. As you adventured the world would also leave its mark on you, aging you, scarring you, the goodness or darkness within you echoed in your face and body. We would all start Fable with the same small boy, but would end with several million very different heroes, each reflecting who we were and how we played.

Maybe the concepts weren't solid enough, maybe the technology wasn't ready, but Fable only half delivered on that ideal. For all that it was an enjoyable, accessible action RPG, brimming with neat features, it felt too small, the consequences of your actions too obvious or limited, to truly make you feel like a hero who could shape a world. Such was the fuss made about the loss of relatively minor features, like the ability to plant acorns and watch them grow into mighty oaks, that Peter Molyneux has seemed uncharacteristically shy about the accomplishments of this Xbox 360 sequel. Perhaps he needn't have been. Fable 2 is everything Fable should have been, and arguably more.

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