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First Look: Corsair's new DHX+
Written by Danrok   
Tuesday, 04 November 2008 08:51


Corsair dropped off some of its latest Dominator 2, or "DHX+" as they will be officially know modules to the bit-tech offices and we couldn't help but share. Having not updated its DHX technology for a few years now these modules are the first major update Corsair has launched while other competitors have caught up with more elaborate solutions. Technically, DHX was great, but aesthetically we feel it's lost its "special" since Corsair used it everywhere - this is where the Dominator 2s should levy that unique appeal again.

In some respects the modules follow on from the original DHX design - the PCB is taller than most and is still cooled in addition to the memory chips, however instead of the two fin approach, Corsair has modified the design into one thick-sink, then bolted on a line of chunky fins to the top.

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