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Technology in the next 100 years: the futurologist’s view
Written by Danrok   
Wednesday, 05 November 2008 10:55

From Computer Weekly:

Futurologist Ian Pearson discussed technologies of the future to more than 200 IT, security and finance delegates on the Aurora cruise ship.

He spoke of IT security threats from smart bacteria, gadgets which are installed in the skin, the soaring of tax rates precipitating the emigration of graduates to low-tax economies, oil at 30 dollars a barrel, and the reversal of globalization.

Gadgets of the future

Electronics in the human body will record holiday and other experiences - bungee-jumping for example - and replay them into your nervous system, or someone else's. They will be able to feel the same sensations you did on holiday. This would surpass showing holiday snaps to friends and family. Games headsets are already recording some simple thought processes.

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