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First look at AMD's Shanghai
Written by Gizmo   
Thursday, 13 November 2008 23:14

Planet3DNow! have an initial look at the AMD Shanghai cores.  (Original German article is here.)  While the information being released is basically from AMD, there are some interesting benchmarks and numbers that are worth looking at.  AMD spend most of their time comparing Shanghai to Barcelona, they do also eventually get around to showing performance numbers against the Intel Penrynn-based Xeon server chips.

The performance numbers, even allowing for AMD spin, appear to show a fairly competitive product: about 15% better clock-for-clock performance than Barcelona, about 10% lower power consumption, and higher clock frequency scaling.  Additional benchmarks using SpecInt and SpecFP have been posted, showing a roughly 5% performance advantage of AMD's Shanghai core over Intel's Harpertown core (Penryn for servers).

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