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Scientists see political attacks as badge of pride
Written by Daniel   
Wednesday, 19 November 2008 10:51

The use of science by politicians hoping to score ideological points can have a chilling effect on the way researchers go about their activities, according to a paper published in PLoS Medicine

By Jonathan M. Gitlin | Published: November 19, 2008 - 08:15AM CT

 We have written about the current Administration's attitudes toward science when that science was inconsistent with its desired outcome. One of the most high profile cases concerned the appointment of a 24 year old to a position in NASA's press office who attempted to muzzle scientists on subjects ranging from climate change to the origins of the universe. But there have been plenty of other incidents, such as restricting the ability of scientists to attend international conferences on HIV/AIDS, the promotion of a widely discredited link between abortion and breast cancer on NIH web pages. [Ars Technica]  [Comments...]


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