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Latest Greenpeace Rankings Still Put Apple Down
Written by Daniel   
Wednesday, 26 November 2008 12:20

Latest Greenpeace Rankings Still Put Apple Down

Dan Moren,
Nov 26, 2008 10:10 am

It's almost Thanksgiving, and you know what that means: arguments and bickering. Apple and Greenpeace are going at in style: hot on the heels of Apple's passive aggressive green MacBook ads, the environmental organization has released the latest version of its Guide to Greener Electronics which--and come on, are you really surprised?--shows Apple falling in the ranks despite its recent improvements.

Greenpeace gives Apple a 4.3 rating, slightly up from their 4.1 back in June, but putting them in 14th place among the 18 major companies that Greenpeace surveys. Among Greenpeace's criticisms of Cupertino are that the company is vague on its e-waste policies (this despite the company's latest environmental update which said that they handily beat their estimate of how much they would recycle). Greenpeace also complains that Apple makes no mention of the "precautionary principle," even though "its progress in eliminating hazardous substances seems to be guided by this principle of environmental policy." Hey, dinging them because they're not using your fancy words, guys? Come on.  [PC World...]    [Comments...]
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