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Hands on with Live TV: goes public
Written by Daniel   
Friday, 28 November 2008 12:00

Doing its part to bring the dream of ubiquitous live and pre-recorded television to life, has shifted from a private to a public beta.

By David Chartier | Published: November 28, 2008 - 10:52AM CT

We took a look at Sling Media's video portal earlier this month and found it to be quite successful. Now, we've gone back in to test the Live TV feature with a couple of Slingboxes to see whether the company has scratched our streaming TV itch.

For a recap, has two key properties. The first is a well-stocked video portal to streamable TV content from a plethora of partners, including: Hulu, CBS (for long form and clipped content), Discovery, Warner Bros, Sony, MGM, A&E, Reuters, AP, CollegeHumor, 60Frames, 23x6, NHL, Hachette Filipacchi, Lifetime, and Comcast.  This portal looks and works much like Hulu and most other studios' video portals, in that it presents a video player front and center, and features a handful of recent episodes of most shows. pulls ahead in a few niche areas, though, as it has a bit more of a social sharing slant than Hulu thanks to content from a few key players like The Onion.

The second half of, and probably the more interesting part for Sling Media customers, is its Live TV feature that works with a Slingbox. Traditionally, these devices allow users to use a software client to remotely stream content that originates from their home, allowing live viewing of the home cable feed or streaming of pre-recorded DVR content. On a business trip and don't want to miss tonight's season finale? Got some downtime over the holidays to catch up on your favorite TiVo'd shows? Slingbox can stream all this content to the company's downloadable software. [ARS technica...]    [Comments...]

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