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Blu-ray studios back on top of DRM
Written by Aidan   
Tuesday, 16 December 2008 08:13

For those who thought that Blu-ray's BD+ was just like the old CSS used for DVDs might be in for a nasty surprise. BD+ is part of one of the raft of measures that were implemented within Blu-ray in order to try to secure media. The people behind BD+ didn't build it to be a static target that would remain broken. Instead, BD+ is a moving target, allowing new disks to remain secured. BD+ is a virtual machine, in a similar fashion to Java. It has about 60 different types of instructions, and is designed to interface with the Blu-ray player.

Thus, those who rely on tools like SlySoft's AnyDVD will find a tit-for-tat war between the content studios and the vendor of the tool. For a while, decryption tools will work, whilst the studios produce new BD+ code. Then, the decryption tools will stop working, whilst the vendors reverse engineer the new BD+ code. For the moment at least, the BD+ code that's being used looks to be secure. SlySoft currently reckon that it'll take them until Feburary to break the newest BD+ code.

At which point, we'll go through the whole cycle all over again.


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