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Attacking the spammers!
Written by Aidan   
Tuesday, 19 July 2005 12:27

A company called "Blue Security" has come up with a novel twist on killing spam. Their solution is called "Blue Community" and is designed to help defeat spam at source. It's really designed for US users, as it plays on certain aspects of the CAN-SPAM act. However, it looks like it could be rolled out in other countries too, perhaps at a later date?

How it works is fairly simple. Each user has a number of "honeypot" addresses, which are not used for anything. Blue Security then checks the honeypot addresses for any email. As these addresses are not used for any normal use, email received will be spam. At this point, Blue Security analyses the email, and works out who it sent from. They send a warning message to the website owners who used the spammers to send email. That doesn't sound like very much, but there's a trick up their sleeve. If the site owners refuse to do anything about it, the Blue Community clients across the world automatically post complaints on the sites involved. The idea being is that hundreds of thousands of requests will cost bandwidth and hence money for those who are spamming. If enough people join the scheme it will significantly impact on the spammers revenues!

Link: Blue Community web site


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