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Psychic Predictions for Tech in 2009
Written by Daniel   
Friday, 02 January 2009 11:58

Wonder what the tech world has in store for us in 2009? For the fun of it we asked bona fide psychics to look into their crystal ball.

JR Raphael, PC World
Dec 31, 2008 11:45 am

Countless people are trying to predict what 2009 could hold for the world of technology. Of course, it's all just guesswork -- these pundits aren't working with a crystal ball. So we decided to find someone who was.

We turned to two self-proclaimed psychics to get their takes on what's ahead for some of tech's biggest newsmakers in the new year. We received readings from Silicon Valley's surname-shunning Celia and L.A.'s "psychic angel," Shaun Moore. (Miss Cleo was unavailable -- last we heard, she was selling used cars in South Florida.)

Below, we've pitted the psychics' stances against some less clairvoyant conjectures. Check out the predictions for yourself and see which seem the most sensible. You can leave a comment if you'd like, but we suspect the psychics already know what you're thinking.

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