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Comcast starts new year with new network management system
Written by Daniel   
Tuesday, 06 January 2009 11:19
Comcast starts new year with new network management system

Comcast says that, as of December 31, it has turned over a new leaf, network management practices-wise. The new-and-hopefully-improved "protocol agnostic" system the company unveiled to the Federal Communications Commission in September is now in effect.

"We have deployed the new technique throughout our network and turned off the P2P-specific technique everywhere in the network," Comcast spokesperson Sena Fitzmaurice told Ars.
The company informed the FCC of the changes in a statement filed on Monday. "Comcast will continue to refine and optimize these congestion management practices to deliver the best possible broadband experience for our customers," company Vice President for Regulatory Affairs Kathryn A. Zachem promised the Commission. The announcement also discloses updated acceptable use rules for Comcast customers.....[ARS Technica....]   [   [Comments...]

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