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Four things Sony can do to turn the tide for the PS3 in 2009
Written by Daniel   
Monday, 19 January 2009 12:11
Looking at the end-of-year NPD numbers from Friday, it's clear that Sony failed to grab any real momentum away from Nintendo or Microsoft;

By Ben Kuchera | Published: January 19, 2009 - 05:10AM CT

the performance of the PlayStation 3 is simply dire. No one is arguing that the system isn't wonderful, as we called the hardware the best product in 2008, and the games available for the system were some of the year's strongest and most creative.  The fact remains that Sony has simply failed to inspire the gaming masses to go to the store and buy a PlayStation 3. The numbers can be spun, to an extent, but Sony took a bad licking in 2008. What does it need to change in 2009? We have four suggestions.
Drop the f*$&#*%^ price

Let's make this very simple. It doesn't matter if Sony can't afford it. It doesn't matter if the company packs in more games. It doesn't matter that Blu-ray is included. This isn't a matter of value. The hard truth is, in the current economy people aren't willing to pay $400 for what is primarily a toy.

Yes, when you add up the features the price is justified, but who cares? People won't pay it. Even though the Wii and budget-model Xbox 360 fall short of the PS3 on features, people are willing to suck up the lack of an internal hard drive and other niceties and go with the cheaper options.

Microsoft is chopping features and dropping the price, while Sony keeps making the tired argument about what you get with the PS3, as if the mainstream game buyer cares what audio formats HDMI 1.3 allows on the highest-end home theaters. Yes, technically, a larger hard drive at the same price is more value. No one is arguing that. Sony needs to grow up and realize that no matter what they include, $400 just won't fly these days.

Lower the price. Now....   [ARS Technica...]   [Comments...]  

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