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Nokia to Finland: Let us spy here, or we're going elsewhere
Written by Danrok   
Monday, 02 February 2009 11:13

From ArsTechnica:

There's a snooping law up for consideration in Finland that's being called the Lex Nokia, after that company's determination to see it passed. Recently, ardent support may have turned to veiled threat; the country's noted newspaper Helsingin Sanomat reports Nokia is ready to move if it doesn't get its way.

Finnish-based cell phone giant Nokia appears to have issued something of an ultimatum to the Finnish government—at least according to one of the country's newspapers, the Helsingin Sanomat. The news has been rejected as false by both Nokia and the Finnish Prime Minister. Company spokesperson Arja Suominen stated that "Nokia has in no way threatened to move," dismissing the newspaper's claim as " contains many mistakes and misunderstandings."

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