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Burnout Paradise: Ultimate Box
Written by Danrok   
Tuesday, 03 February 2009 10:41


I’m tired today and I’m bearing the brunt of a sugar crash, so I really can’t be bothered to think of a really relevant way to kick off this article, so I’ll instead talk about something I’ve noticed about the Burnout games.

Which is; girlfriends (or boyfriends I suppose, but usually girlfriends) love the Burnout games. The hyper-sensitive may suggest that it’s a tad sexist to say so (it isn’t), but it’s true. If you’ve got a significant other that you want to game with, but that person isn’t a big gamer, then Burnout is a great introduction to the art of game-playing.

The simplest reason for this I think is that, although Burnout requires some skill, it uses skills that everyone already has and it rewards you no matter what. Win a race? Have a trophy. Lose a race? Watch your car smash into a billion pieces. Both are good.

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