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tamashumi's Zalman CNPS3100 as Radeon GPU cooling unit
Written by Daniel   
Sunday, 31 July 2005 11:32


  • I'll have 2 pci slots left anyway (don't need more)
  • I try to make cost a lot lower than Zalman VF700 (buying only used heatsink CNPS3100, or full CNPS3000 set in promotion which I found at local store for about 12$)
  • I have 92mm fan already on my case side panel blowing at GPU (bottom side of it exactly so CNPS3000-3100 heatsink would be ideal in way of air stream)
  • As I mentioned above I don't need 1 more fan which is unconnectable part of Zalman VF700 set
  • I hope this solution will be more efficient as it's ment oryginaly for CPU
  • I want to stay with copper heatsink originally mounted at backward of Hercules 3D Prophet card which is not possible with standard mouting of VF700 set
  • If I get full CNPS3000 set I'll stay with additional fan and arm which I can use to ram or northbridge cooling for example
  • this solution will be more flexible as I can change fan whenever I want or when it gona break
  • ...and at least, I really fill in hunger to mod something xD


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