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Cadaveca brings us Nvidia's New Solution!
Written by Daniel   
Sunday, 31 July 2005 13:17

 I'll only be covering singlecard in this thread...i'll start another later for the SLi.

For those of you wondering what happened to "NO SLi" for me, well, like my sig says, ATI took too long to deliver. nevermind a ton of problems.

I'll try to cover everything that the current top video card offers, etc, including the mods for GPU voltage and ram voltage. We've got a few cards out there clocked @ 600mhz on the gpu, and 1600mhz on the mem, both aircooled, with some added voltage. And were are talking going from 1.4 to 1.6v, on the gpu, and 2.09v on the meme to 2.25v.

Get ready for a long, bumpy ride...this DFI board is one tough beast to tame.

System config is as follows:

-ASUS Extreme N7800GTX

-VData(value adata) pc3200 CAS2.5(Winbond UTT CH-5)for good explanation, please see here for the meaning of UTT.

-AMD64 3500+ Venice core

-DFI LanParty UT nF4 UltraD

-Soundblaster Audigy2

-Thermaltake Butterfly 480w w/20-24pin adapter

I will be swapping in an ASUS A8N SLi, and an enermax "SLi Approved" 535w PSU for comparison purposes.

Follow along with Cadaveca here


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