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Microsoft Says Desktop Virtualization Is Costly, Inappropriate for Most
Written by Daniel   
Monday, 09 March 2009 13:21

Microsoft's vested interest in fat clients puts it at odds with many in the virtualization business
Jason Mick (Blog) - March 9, 2009 1:00 PM

Many in the tech community believe that virtualization is the wave of the future.  It allows for hardware consolidation, power savings, legacy support – this all adds up to potentially increased productivity and cost savings.  However, some are not wholeheartedly on the virtualization bandwagon.

Microsoft is among these detractors.  Despite efforts to support virtualization and offering virtualization products, Microsoft remains reticent on the issue and has at times spoken out, in effect, against virtualization.  Ultimately, if everyone were to switch to thin-client desktops with virtualization (ala a widespread cloud computing scheme), Microsoft might make considerably less revenue from its licenses as thin client licenses often cost less than "fat clients" like Microsoft Windows.  Microsoft would be faced with trying to sell products for a new kind of ecosystem, one in which it is not necessarily the top competitor in.  [Comments... ]


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